Above all, people, faces and expressions !

Bill Graham,,

Willy Veloo (2/17) - Bill Graham
Willy Veloo

Guest at Champagne B&B

Prof et étudiante (3/17) - Bill Graham
Prof et étudiante

Husband and wife now.

Peintre-artiste Gerard Redoules (4/17) - Bill Graham
Peintre-artiste Gerard Redoules

Taken at Condé-en-Brie dans l'Aisne

Bill Graham (5/17)

Karen, Belgian pharmacist, staying at the Champagne B&B (marneweb.com)

Bijoux de Lou Biselski (7/17) - Bill Graham
Bijoux de Lou Biselski
Italian guests at B&B (8/17) - Bill Graham
Italian guests at B&B
Reuilly-Sauvigny (9/17) - Bill Graham

Mother and son at Relais restaurant

Time to go home (10/17) - Bill Graham
Time to go home

After he saw me this the child came over and with a big smile handed me a candy.

Blue eyes (11/17) - Bill Graham
Blue eyes

Light source? One of those little three LED lights for closets. Hand held.

Stretching girl (12/17) - Bill Graham
Stretching girl
Dinner on Menilmentant (14/17) - Bill Graham
Dinner on Menilmentant

Hipstamatique image with iphone. Aimed by guess but it worked. He was very nice about being the subject.

Sweet somethings (15/17) - Bill Graham
Sweet somethings

Amorous couple at Champagne B&B (marneweb.com)

Guest at B&B (16/17) - Bill Graham
Guest at B&B
Pomettes (17/17) - Bill Graham

Attractive acquaintance